∇W e e k . 29 – Why did I stop?!∇

I was never actually a ” B L O G G E R ” or whatever you want to call it. It was more likely to be a phase of ” Let’s be like everyone else “, and in fact after 3 years of “blogging: and “advising” and “blabla-ying” it turned out that I did not want to be like everyone else, but I WANTED TO BE ME!  So I deleted everything (form my blog’s Instagram account, to the Facebook page to the blog itself) and went on with my life. Oke, I SURELY like fashion – yeah who doesn’t GENIUS?! – But to talk about it, not really! I like makeup BIG TIME, I’m a makeup artist in the end, I have to like it and know “mainly” everything about it! when it comes to home decor and lifestyle, who doesn’t know how to decorate his/her house, and choose what goes best with their wished style?! There are ten thousand things I can talk about but somehow in life you reach a point where your choices, desires and needs change. Everything you once wanted becomes super dull and meaningless.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, what the hell are you doing right now if not blogging? But let me tell you how I  S E E  I T; I’m generally a person who likes to share, and give a true and honest opinion and basically I like to do things on my own terms and I need to take my time to cook it all in my head before writing it down or sharing it (even at work, that’s how I deal with things), what was happening back then was more like I was trying TOO hard to stick to something that wasn’t my main priority in life and to something I thought was fun and “cool” to do, on the other hand with this one it’s more like I share what comes to my mind without being “obliged” to follow a certain schedule,  plans, rules and ideologies. Also, my target was never to use a blog to make money, become “famous” and/or be recognized.

Every single human being can become a blogger, super easy: Grab a product/picture/book/movie … etc, check it out/try it and all you have to do is talk/write about it. Here you, you are now a blogger BUUUUT how many “bloggers” are honest and aren’t just selling because they are “paid” or “asked to do so”? Haven’t you ever been fooled by someone’s blablabla about a thing and once you’ve bought this item (whatever it is) figured out that it wasn’t anything close to what you read/saw! This is one of many reasons that made me want to stop being what I was and start from scratch with something more relevant and more MOI!


This concludes my nagging.

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∇ W e e k . 2 5 – Written with love ∇

25 weeks pregnant, 175 days of loving the unknown, I have no idea how many hours, minutes and seconds of day dreaming about how baby would look, who’s character would baby inherit (more like mommy or daddy).

With every kick and every move my love grows stronger, with every backpain and headache, my motherly instinct submerge.

Every day that passes brings us closer to meeting you, hugging you and cuddling you, even though I’ve heard, read and saw how “hard” it could get, but deep down inside WE KNOW WE ARE READY FOR ALL OF THIS with arms wide open.

I personally believe it’s all a matter of “how” you do it, and how much you’ve researched (not through google please) on the matter – SIDE-NOTE: My Doctor has this annoying habit of making fun of the people that come to him saying “I was going through google the other day and ….” if you dare say these words be sure that you will end up in TROUBLE !!!. he taught me one thing and it’s to always work according to how YOU see things, and he kept reminding me that I’m pregnant and not sick, and that is what I love about him, other than that he always says that you should not believe the part that says ”  Y O U – A R E – E A T I N G – F O R – T W O ” because in fact you are eating for you, and you just give your baby the needed proteins to grow and develop.

104 Days left. 

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H a v e Y o u M e t M e? -March 8th.

WHAT A COINCIDENCE, Today is March 8 and I’ve decided to get back to writing and sharing and proving that women can change the world..

This time it will be different; entries won’t be strictly Fashion or Strictly Beauty or whatever, it will be more like sharing thoughts and point of views and personal opinion about things I like and/or dislike. Maybe few things about home decor, or lifestyle or daily struggles or I don’t know what, mainly it will be about things that I believe matter and are more likely interesting to know about.

NB: there will be no promises about what to post next because entries will be posted according to the moment I’m in.

H a v e  Y o u  M e t  M e:

° I’ve been married since June 2017 to my longtime boyfriend and soul mate
° I’m a mom to be (Due in July maybe earlier who knows)
° I have a black Labrador that I as consider my firstborn and she will be baby L‘s big sister
° I’m Daddy’s girl
° I like to create things with my hands but I have 2 left hands and I ain’t crafty whatsoever.
° Other than my university studies, I studied makeup in 2013
° I’m too nice to people; that I trust easily, and I always end up hurting myself
° White and Green are my colors
° I wish I was born in the 20s
° I’m a singer
° I’m living the last of my twenties
° I’m planning my new tattoo in relation to family

Here are few things I was able to remember (the “I forgot because I’m pregnant” hormones are pretty present). I wish you all a happy and pleasant stay on this blog and I hope to catch you all very soon with my very first entry.

Few Deets:

 The photo is taken by my sister in law.
In the photo I was 21 weeks pregnant.

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